The Movement to re-engineer Imo State Has Begun... Are You In?

Join hands and let us make a real change happen in Imo State. The time is now!

My good people of Imo State,

Please join me in the task of  transforming our great State  to a  dream State,  where our  children and the future generations will be proud to call home.   I am worried about joblessness, insecurity of lives and property, and the poor standard of living  in the State.  These conditions are not acceptable!  

I am committed to bringing about a real change in the governance of Imo State; a change that will be based on accountability, transparency, integrity, hard work, and the fear of God.  This is our vision.  This is our challenge.  This is our mission.  

Let us join hands in building an enviable destiny for us and our children.  Together, we can do it!  

Imo Kwenụ!   Imo Kwenụ!!   Imo Kwezuonụ!!!

Dr. Obioma Agomuoh

Theodore Roosevelt

"Believe you can and you’re halfway there."

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